Best Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Best Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Sex is one of the many pleasures we have. It is considered as one of our effective stress outlets and is also essential for a stable and healthy relationship. But as we age, we begin to see changes in our body, such as a decrease in hormone and stamina levels, which can affect sex life.

Whatever the problem is, you can do a lot of things to improve your sex life in an instant. Read on to find out the three best ways to do it:

Start Doing Some Kegel Exercises

Include Kegel exercises on your workouts. These are exercises that target your pelvic muscles and sexual organs.

For males, one of the basic Kegel exercises is stopping your urine midstream for 2-5 seconds and repeating it ten times. It is recommended to do five sets a day for this kind of exercise, which will help prevent pre-ejaculations.

For females, they can use vaginal weights that come in cones and can be inserted like a tampon. For the exercise to work, they need to clench or hold it in place for a specified time, and it can help tighten the vagina. It is recommended to consult a doctor first to know where to buy, and which exercise regimen is applicable.

Use Cannabis Strains

Having sex while you are high on cannabis is no doubt one of the best feelings there is.

Cannabis has a psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which elevates your senses and relaxes your muscles. Sex, on the other hand, is one of the most effective activities that let your body secrete vast amounts of dopamine. Combining these two will give you a “mind-blowing” experience.  

Many cannabis strains can take your sexual experiences into greater heights, but it all comes down on finding the best strain for your body’s own chemistry because our bodies have different reactions to cannabis strains and mode of consumption.

Weeds that can give your sexual experiences a boost contain higher THC levels, guaranteed to provide you with greater sexual sensations.

Explore Your Sexual Fantasies

Exploring your sexual fantasies is one of the best ways to improve your sex life because you get to discover and try exciting sexual positions and other activities that can give you orgasms quicker or give you a longer-lasting orgasm.

You can explore your fantasies by pleasuring yourself using sex toys and devices, masturbation, or even through sexual meditation. Whatever your preferred means of exploring your sexual fantasies is, just be sure to understand all its procedures first by consulting an expert to not bring unnecessary harm to yourself mentally and physically.

Safety First

Before trying anything to improve your sex life, ensure the safety of you and your partner/s. This prevents any disease from harming you, from damaging your muscles, sexual organs, and mental well-being. Also, it is not required to have a daring and exciting sex life; after all, sex is just one of the many pleasures that life can offer.

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