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Cookies Carts Brief  Introduction

Cookies Carts (cookies cartridges) As a Brand Name was found By Berner and Jigga his long time buddy and pal in 2012, Today Cookies is one of the best and most famous and respected Cannabis brands to sell in the US and some other parts of the world. Cookies are not just any brand name it represents Berners Vision and How he wants to bring together Varieties of new strains, Cookies Expanded in From Being A cannabis company into creating Streetwear in 2015, today cookies clothing brand also has made name for itself and now has much different clothing for both males and females.

Cookies Products are being Distributed By Culpa, Born in 2014, Culta is Maryland’s premier craft quality producer of cannabis flower and cannabis extracts. We are proud and passionate cultivators, scientists, activists, musicians, and global citizens.

Cookies now have over 50 cannabis varieties and product lines including indoor, outdoor and sun-grown flowers, pre-rolls, gel caps, and Cookies carts.

How to buy cookies carts online?

So many people are asking us this question on how to buy cookies carts online, we just want to clarify that you can buy cookies brand products online only through our official site Don’t go purchasing via another site cause you will only find yourself in the hands of scammers or buying fake cookies cartridge.

Once you have added all your products to your cart proceed to Checkout and fill in your information, select your payment method and proceed and that’s all, You are done.

How to tell if I bought a fake/real  Cookies carts?

First, it’s all on the packaging if you look closely at the packaging of our carts they are all high Flyers and are only 500mg/ half-gram carts. We don’t produce 1000mg/1g vapes, so if you happen to be presented with a full gram vape as an official cookies cartridge.

Cookies Cartridges

Cookies Cartridges are one of the best cartridges out there located in Los Angeles California. you can find our location on google maps when you search for cookies carts or just copy our location on our website and paste into the search box of google maps and you will find us.

Cookies Cartridges are all lab-tested cartridges with the lab information all been slated into the packaging of the products.

Cookies cartridges need improvement, not very strong or tasty

cookies gelato, lemchello and cookies strain cartridges
Left to right are Cookies, Lemonchello and Gelato. Here we review all three strains.


All around, the Cookies cartridge is not a bad value even for the not-as-good strains. At the dispensary, I went to they were only $30 a pop when other cartridges were $35 for a half gram. The Cookies were actually on clearance so maybe that might just be a temporary thing but at $30 a pop, they are not bad of a deal.
If we are paying the same as other carts though, other choices are stronger, tastier, and have longer-lasting effects.
Their namesake Cookies strain cartridge is the best compared to the other strains we are hitting.  The three strains we have are GelatoLemonchello, and Cookies. Cookies Gelato and Lemonchello are very similar in taste and strength.
The carts themselves do not have strain labels, nor do other brands, so we labeled each picture with which strain is shown.
cookies lemonchello cartridge
Cookies Lemonchello cartridge

Might be for the value stoner looking for less strength

After trying three I think for the value stoner who does not need a blow you away cart, any of the Cookies carts are a good option. However, I think you are technically getting a better deal by spending an extra $5 and getting something stronger for those of us looking for strength.
I also bought an Aces Extracts Energy disposable pen at the same dispensary I bought the cookies at for $42 and thought it was a better value because it was so much stronger. It tasted better too. Select Elite is also stronger and is available at most places Cookies are. Cookies do taste better than Select carts though.

Cookies are extremely popular and popularity does not always equal to the best product

High Flyers Cookies packaging
The front packaging shows the sticker with the flavor and THC percentage on it
I’ve heard their flowers are some of the best but when it comes to carts it seems like their trying to make a more budget-friendly line than something that is super fire. The Cookies strain, however, stood out as a better cart than the other two.
The other two were about average. In a way, Cookies reminds me of Brass Knuckles. Tons of hype over the brand, but the product is not so hot.
Here are some brands that I think are stronger than Cookies, even the Cookies strain, that are also available in California: Airo Pro, Select Elite, Aces Extracts, and Raw Garden. In Nevada, RootsRemedy and Cannavative are choices stronger than Cookies.
To see our overall top picks, check out our best cartridges lists for California and Nevada.

Cookies cartridges use top-notch hardware

Cookies use standard CCELL cartridges particularly the ceramic top TH2. These are known to be extremely reliable and have a very low failure rate. On top of that, they give an extra kick to the hit that a lot of the clones are just missing.
Overall you can never go wrong with CCELL hardware, whether its a standard cart, the Dart, or the Uno.  and quite simply it’s just one of the best companies out right now. Cookies definitely chose the right hardware when they picked the TH2. It’s preferred over the M6T plastic CCELL carts since in case something fails, it is easy to get the oil out. Plus you can refill the TH2 much easier.

The oil that they use on this cart seems good, but it’s not as refined as better options

cookies cartridge
Here is the namesake Cookies strain, the best of the bunch.


Looking at it just on an eye test it does not seem nearly as refined as what you would find on better carts like Raw Garden. It does appear that these are properly tested so we hope that they come out clean on pesticides and they probably do. At some point, we will send them for testing
However, there’s something here that is missing, maybe extra refinement step or something like that but it’s just not at that higher-end level of oil. Comparing distillate to distillate, Aces Extracts and Airo Pro both seem like they are made using a better process than used on the High Flyers Cookies carts.

High Flyers Cookies cartridges have decent strength just not super strength

I would say on strength, Cookies is about in the middle compared to other legal, legitimate carts. It is definitely better than your average street cart.
Side by side compared to Airo Pro, Select Elite, and Aces Extracts which seem to be available at the same dispensaries that also carry Cookies there really is no comparison. The other two brands just blow Cookies away. They are all also a bit more expensive, but the cost is justified.
Cookies cart
A much closer look at the cartridge with oil and logo on it.
This does not mean that their flower is not strong. We have come to realize that making good carts has absolutely no connection to making a good flower.
On the Nevada end you can take a look at a company like Kabunky. Their flower is actually quite terrible, definitely in the bottom 25% of the state. However, their cartridges are really top-notch and even made our best cartridges in the Nevada list. On the other hand, Cannabiotix makes some of the best flowers, but you will find in our Cannabiotix cartridge review, their vape carts disappoint. I would not doubt that Cookies is like Cannabiotix.
Mostly, people have given good reviews on Cookies flower. However, the carts just aren’t that strong. Sure there are plenty of fakes out there as well, but now that we have the real thing in hand, it’s not very impressive.

High Flyers Cookies cartridges strength test results

Below you will see the THC percentages for all three strains we tried. Cookies came in the strongest at 86.7% THC, followed by Gelato at 85% and Lemonchello at 82.8%.

cookies strain test results
cookies lemonchello strain test results
cookies gelato strain test results
THC percentages are not everything when it comes to strength, as Airo Pro’s Mountain Mist, even when it tests in the 70s, is stronger than any of these Cookies carts. Here though the namesake Cookies, the strain is the best of three.

The taste was not great had a bit of a CO2 like the taste

The oil in the Cookies cartridges did not taste like a really fine distillate. Airo Pro, Aces Extracts, and Raw Garden beat Cookies hands down on taste. It was not awful though, and I do prefer it’s a taste to some of the old-school CO2 oils that are still out there. Tastes better than Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) too.
Cookies carts taste had a CO2 oil taste to them as opposed to that distillate only taste you get out of Aces. It was not the type of CO2 taste that is really good as the W Vapes syringe, but more of that CO2 taste that was more prevalent a couple of years ago than it is now.
However, these are distillate cartridges it’s just something about their process. The taste is a little bit off. The Cookies strain did taste a little bit better than the Lemonchello and Gelato, which tasted almost exactly the same as each other.

Efficiency is top-notch with the real CCELL

Cookies Gelato
Cookies cartridge uses authentic CCELL carts. Cookies Gelato pictured here.
They picked some of the best carts you could possibly get. CCELLs are very efficient and you get a good rip out it which adds to the efficiency. Nothing to improve on efficiency.

Number of puffs is average

The Cookies oil is not a super slow vaping oil nor a super fast vaping oil, it’s right about the 50% mark. It’s exactly average. That is kind of been the theme of this brand on the cartridge side. Nothing to complain about on this part, but nothing great either.

The value was not here for the user that wants maximum strength, but it can be cheaper than other carts

I base value mostly on strength and I think that is the most important factor when it comes to a cartridge. Some people may place more value on flavor and not care much about strength. However, for both strength and flavor, value is low on High Flyers Cookies cartridges.

Cookies Packaging
The back of the packaging shows the ingredients and THC warning
I would much rather pay $5 more for a stronger cartridge. Then I have to hit less to get the same effect. It’s not that this is a terrible cartridge it’s just that for $5 more there are better options. At some dispensaries, better options are the same price.
I always prefer hitting less to get more effective and other brands to accomplish that better than Cookies. If it were not bought for the purpose of reviewing the product and I could go back in time, I would have bought two Aces Extracts vapes instead of three Cookies carts.

Concluding our review of the Cookies cartridge lineup

Each Cookies cartridge did not totally disappoint but they did not impress either. The brand is very popular and there are fakes everywhere which also just shows how popular it is. Cookies flower looks really good from pictures, but the good flower does not always translate to good cartridges from the same brand. Cookies carts are technically made by High Flyers, so maybe they are the ones to make the improvements.
High Flyers Cookies carts have big room for improvement particularly making the oil more refined if that is the right thing to say. At this point, we would say Cookies carts are decent, not great. The flavor needs improvement and so does the strength to get this cartridge on par with other California brands. We have no doubt they will improve over time and we look forward to trying Cookies carts again soon and updating this review.


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